Our Program


All contestants must be U.S. citizens and reside in the United States. Contestants should be female. If competing in the Mrs. divisions, contestants must be married at least one month prior to pageant.

Categories include: Teen (13-19 years); Miss (19-27 years); Ms. (23 years & up); Lady (30-50 years); Ms. Elite (40+ years); Mrs. (21+ years); Petite (19+, 5'6" or less); and Royal. For full details, download the complete rules and regulations.

Code of Conduct

A completed signed code of conduct will be required to represent the United America program. Overall, contestants must be of high moral character, never posed nude or partially nude, and not employed by an adult-content centered business. 


Titleholders are expected to represent the United America Pageant for a full year. All winners are expected to return to crown their successors. If a titleholder fails to fulfill her obligations or relinquishes, for any reason, her title all prizes must be returned in condition received.  


Complete Rules & Regulations

United America Rules & Regulations (pdf)