A Contestant is eligible to compete at large or in a official state pageant, if one is being held for her state. She must either be a resident, own property or be employed in said state. Or she may represent a  regional area or cultural title of a specific  ethnicity. I.E. Miss Latina United America ® or Miss Southwest United America ®.

All Contestants must be a genetic female. No Exceptions.

Married women that participate must be legally wed.

Contestant may not hold a “National or International” title with any other pageant system by the date of the competition or acceptance of title and may not do so during her reign. This is grounds for immediate termination with no refund and relinquishment rules apply.

A contestant could be selected to participate as a delegate “at-large” if there is no competition for her area, state, region or country.

Contestant must never have, or will not during her reign, pose for any photography, video, or film associated with nudity or pornography. Nor has she ever, or is presently involved with prostitution. Any form of employment which involves partial or complete nudity may not take place during her reign. Past employment is not held against any contestant unless, under age at the time, if occurring during her reign or any of said violations regarding nudity in video, photography, prostitution or pornography are in existence or have ever occurred and are proven.

Contestant must not have been convicted of a felony crime.

Contestant will be subject to a registration fee and or a sponsor fee.

Contestant, if selected, must agree to attend the National a Competition as the State/Regional/Cultural Representative and abide by all rules and regulations required by same or forfeit title and all prizes with no refund.

If contestant relinquishes, for any reason, any title given her, all prizes must be returned in full, and in condition received.

If selected as an official delegate, upon accepting the title, the contestant is required to attend the National/International event.

Winners are not allowed to re-enter in the same division but, may re-enter once their status changes such that they become eligible for a different division.

Title commences upon winner announcement, by Crown & Coronation Productions LLC and/or acceptance of title by entrant and ends immediately after crowning her successor.

The age division for any level of competition is based upon a contestant’s age at the initial entry level.

All state queens must submit full length shot in crown and banner, not on stage being crowned, for later use on the site.  This must be received no later than 2 months after official crowning or said queen runs the risk of relinquishment with no refund.

Entry fees will not be refunded under any circumstance.

These rules and regulations are subject to modification, as needed, without prior notice. Pageant reserves the right to make said modifications at its sole discretion.

Code of Conduct


Entrant/Queen affirms that she is a good person and will continue to hold herself to high standards. That she will not do anything that will reflect negatively on the pageant, its representatives, sponsors, and/or its licensees. Delegate/Queen will conduct herself in a courteous, professional manner at all times during the pageant and while representing United America ® Pageants . Delegate/Queen will not slander or libel other contestants, judges, United America ® Pageants  staff or anyone else involved with or connected to the pageant. Defamatory verbal and/or written remarks against United America ® Pageants  will result in immediate disqualification, forfeiture of any and all prizes and awards won and will result in legal charges. Facebook, MySpace and like internet sites-Intergalactic representatives must refrain from posting pictures that contain content that could be deemed inappropriate. This includes images in which the subject(s) are nude and/or overtly sexually dressed. Displaying participation in the consumption of alcohol, smoking, sexual/lewd behavior, or any activity that could allude to negative connotations is strictly prohibited and delegates/queens may not post information or pictures to said sites that could pose a conflict of interest to United America ® Pageants .





Disruptive behavior before, during or after the pageant may result in disqualification, stripping of title, removal from the premises and legal charges. Queens and delegates, by signing this form, are agreeing to abide by the terms specified here. Failure to sign the form does not in any way, release the delegate or queen from the responsibility to abide by the terms outlined in these pages. If delegate or queen wishes to compete or keep all won titles, these terms are required! All issues related to these terms and consequences for violation thereof shall be determined solely and exclusively by United America ® Pageants. Entrant/Queen agrees to accept such determinations made by United America ® Pageants, both as to herself and others.



No smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages (if queen/entrant is over 21, all consumption of such must be done when not performing duties, in the attire required, while speaking of pageant or while wearing the crown and/or banner) or chewing gum while in crown and banner is allowed!


No jeans may be worn to an appearance unless it is important to the appearance to do so. (such as on a farm, work in the dirt, or a very casual type of appearance. etc) Jeans worn must be free of rips, tears and stains. They should not appear worn out due to style or age. No acid wash, wrinkles or frayed hems and pockets. No short shorts, extremely short minis or belly tops are allowed for appearances.



Participation in United America ® Pageants Pageant Events


Delegates and queens are required to be on time to all scheduled events and rehearsals leading up to and during the pageant finals.(penalties and fess are listed above) Delegates will lose 1 point per category for each unexcused missed event. In the event of illness, a delegate/queen may be excused from attending the event. United America ® Pageants president is the ONLY individual with the authority to release a delegate or queen from a scheduled event.





Titleholders agree to make appearances during her reign. They may be done at will and there is no set number. However, this title is an honor and priviledge and should be treated as such, important. If you can not agree to do appearances, do not accept the title. Appearances may include, but are not limited to parades, radio, television, and newspaper interviews; and public appearances at events. If no appearance is done and reported by mid-point of a queen’s reign, a fee of $300 will be assessed or the queen will relinquish her title and all awards won to her first runner-up and no refund will be given. Charity work is encouraged, but is not considered an “appearance”. It should be done to better yourself and others. Promotion of your title while serving the community will be promoted and encouraged. No crown should be worn to do charity work. Charity events are different than charity work. Use your discretion. In most cases, a banner is enough. Remember, the girl makes the crown, not the other way around. Titleholders agree to answer all inquiries from the pageant and its staff within a timely manner and are required to check in at least once per month to let the staff know of the titleholder’s progression as a queen and with appearances. Titleholders agree to provide United America ® Pageants with photocopies of articles pertaining to her reign and pictures of appearances for the pageant website development and promotional material.




More Contractual Obligations


United America ® Pageants International/National Pageant winners agree that they will not compete for, or accept, any other titles during their years reign without prior written permission from United America ® Pageants. The United America ® Pageants title is to be considered the winner’s main pageant-related priority. Permission to compete in other systems given to other queens does not give others permission to do so. Each determination will be on a case-by-case basis. Decisions are FINAL. Winners may have a commercial tie-up, modeling, personal management and/or agency contract, which contract however, does not include, authorize or permit the use of the name of the United America ® Pageants, Miss United America ® , Mrs. United America ® , Ms. United America ® , Miss Teen United America ® , Jr. Miss United America ® , Little Miss United America ® , Mini Miss United America ® , or reference to the pageant in any way, or any title designation. International and national winners agree to attend the next year’s pageant to crown their successors. Returning queen’s travel, lodging, and meal expenses are the responsibility of the returning queen, unless sponsors come through ahead of time and the winner is notified that it will be taken care of by the pageant. If the pageant intends on covering the expenses that are the responsibility of each queen, she will be notified at least 2 months prior to the pageant to allow time for the queen to make said arrangements. If the queen has already done so and the funds become available, she will be reimbursed at the pageant’s discretion. Travel of chaperone, family and/of friends is in NO WAY, EVER, the responsibility of United America ® Pageants.




Publicity and Promotion


By the virtue of participation in the United America ® Pageants Pageants, delegates/queens agree to allow United America ® Pageants the right to use her likeness, voice, and/or biographical information for the purposes of publicity and promotion now and in the future. The above may be used on the internet, in print advertising, press releases and merchandise related to the Cosmos Pageant.(such as t-shirts, toe bags, hats other apparel, mouse pads and other promotional material)delegate/queen agrees to release United America ® Pageants  from any liability for any injury resulting from publicity and promotion. Delegate/Queen Delegates/Queens agree to waive any and all compensation for use of her name, likeness, voice, and/or biographical information for purposes of publicity and promotion.



Photography and Videography

Delegates and their families may take pictures or videos leading up to the main pageant event. However, NO photography and/or videography will be allowed during any on-stage competition events. Individuals who violate this policy will be asked to leave the venue or escorted off the premises without the benefit of a refund!


Professional photography and/or videography will be made available by the official United America ® Pageants Pageant photographer and videographer.




Disqualification /Title Relinquishment


If a delegate is disqualified or a queen relinquishes, for any reason, any title awarded to her and all prizes must be returned in full, and in the condition received. If the prizes are not returned, monetary value will be sought with legal action. If the said queen does not follow all guidelines outlined in the contract, she will be stripped of her title and the policies for disqualification/relinquishment will be strictly followed. A title may be taken away for contractual breeches ONLY. Any International/National titleholder that relinquishes without a cause that is mutually agreed upon by the Cosmos International Pageant President and self will run the risk of legal action. Cosmos Pageants will seek monetary reimbursement for all promotion costs for said titleholder, all funds allocated toward that contestant during competition, monetary compensation for time and efforts exerted on behalf of said titleholder and any and ALL prizes or the monetary value of such.



Limitation of Liability/Responsibility


  1. a) United America ® Pageants and its officers, directors, agents and/ or employees are not liable to entrant/queen for anything whatsoever in connection with any preliminary/ pageant or process leading to the United America ® Pageant. Titleholders/delegates who have been assigned a title or who enter the pageant will handle all matters relating to her application, understanding the rules, regulations, policies, preparation and performance. If a preliminary pageant was won, she agrees to look to that director regarding the selection process and all described above.


  1. b) United America ® Pageants and its officers, employees and personnel are not responsible for injury, accidents, loss, or theft incurred at the time, or during, the International/National event or travel to and from.


  1. c) United America ® Pageants is not responsible for negligence or fraud on the part of pageant sponsors, judges, or contract vendors (photographer, videographer, etc.) that may be providing products or services to delegates or titleholders at the National/International event.


  1. d) United America ® Pageants is not responsible for negligence or fraud on the part of the host hotel.


  1. e) United America ® Pageants is not responsible for arranging International or domestic travel or resolving disputes surrounding such travel to attend the pageant.


  1. f) United America ® Pageants is not responsible for providing an interpreter for delegates who do not speak or understand English.


  1. g) United America ® Pageants is not responsible for air fare or land travel expenses and/or hotel expenses and meals for delegates/titleholders, unless it is in writing no less than 2 months before the International/National event that the expense will be covered. This can be approved by the president, ONLY!


  1. h) United America ® Pageants is not responsible for theft, loss or damage caused to any and all prizes, gifts, and awards bestowed upon entrant after these items become property of the entrant. Entrant agrees to incur replacement and/or repair costs to lost, stolen or damaged items including but not limited to, crown/tiara, sash, plaques, trophies, etc. Crowns and banners are REQUIRED to be replaced at the titleholder’s expense, if lost, damaged or stolen. They MUST be replaced by the official crown and banner makers of the pageant! All other prizes can be decided on by the titleholder.




By submitting the entry form and/or fees to United America ® Pageants,  director of related pageants leading to the International/National event, delegate agrees to abide by all policies, rules and regulations set forth by United America ® Pageants . Participation in the United America ® Pageants  or acceptance of an official title also indicates acceptance and agreement to abide by all policies, rules and regulations set forth in these documents/pages. Delegate attests that all information submitted to United America ® Pageants  and related director is true and accurate. Falsification of information or failure to comply with ALL the policies of United America ® Pageants may result in immediate disqualification and/or forfeiture of any titles won/accepted and all prizes won without the benefit of a refund, in full or in part, at the sole discretion of United America ® Pageants .